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In addition to booking great comedians for corporate events and providing Corporate Storytelling Workshops, SFCC Entertainment has experience when it comes to putting your workgroup, staff or company through their paces, improv-style. By learning what it takes to work together to create funny characters and scenarios, your people will quickly discover new ways to come together as a team.
“Yes, and...” is the principal component that makes improvisation comedy happen. It’s what keeps the ideas coming and the action moving. Without that simple element, everything grinds to a halt on stage.

And the same thing happens in boardrooms, bullpens and offices around the world.

Those two tiny words -- “Yes, and...” -- are the very simple building blocks that can be applied at any level of business interaction to help make sure your team is always working on track and together on their objectives. At the same time, our Team Builders will teach your crew how to use those magic words to gain the freedom to be as creative as they want to be when it comes to mining and implementing fresh ideas.
In order to discover just how powerful “Yes, and...” is, we’ll guide the members of your organization through a variety of exercises, structures and games that will get them up on their feet instead of sitting on their hands. They’ll be so busy having fun playing and making each other laugh that they won’t even be thinking about how much they’re learning along the way.

If you’ve ever watched TV’s Whose Line Is It Anyway, you’ve already got a feel for the sort of interactive stage games that we base our team building model on. From the get-go, we’ll have your team performing for each other -- crazy physical antics, made-up foreign languages and giving a press conference without knowing a thing about the topic that they’re being interviewed about.

Depending on the size of your group, we’ll split folks up into small teams so that they’ll be spending more time doing and less time watching. And besides the cardinal rule of improv (pssst -- it’s “Yes, and...”!), we’re going to give them one other principle of improvisational comedy and creative thinking that’s so simple and yet is ignored time and time again: the Art of Listening.
By combining “Yes, and...” and active listening, together with the wide array of team building and brainstorming structures taught by the trainers, your team will emerge more together and energized than ever. Imagine them looking forward to the next meeting where they have to share ideas and actually being excited instead of dreading it. By learning how to listen properly -- to instructions, to others and to their own inner voice -- your corporate team is going to become your creative team in nothing flat!
The trained and talented staff not only has performed for numerous corporate groups, but has worked with many other to bring the concepts that makes improvisational comedy so creative and fresh into the business workplace. We’ve worked with many Silicon Valley groups as well as such interesting assignments as teaching Japanese and Swedish engineers for Sony Ericsson how to work together despite their language and cultural barriers.

Our instructors include Marc Hershon, the guy who named the BlackBerry and co-author of the new business book I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want from Your Job; and Sammy Wegent, a teacher of long-standing at the Comedy College with a BFA in Theatre from Shorter College and an MFA in Acting from Catholic University.
We offer very reasonable rates in addition to coming the location of your choice in order to do our teambuilding and brainstorming workshops. Pricing is based on a per hour and per person basis. Prices for much larger groups may vary based on time and how many of our staff are required to suitably instruct all present. Any guaranteed Team Building Workshop includes a free consultation to help select the perfect curriculum for your group.
Sammy Wegent is an actor/comedian/writer/director/producer/teacher with over 10 years of experience in various facets of the entertainment industry. He holds a B.F.A in Theatre from Shorter College and an M.F.A. in Acting from Catholic University.
His work as an actor ranges from theater to commercials to various internet and TV projects. On stage, he has played Austin in True West, Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, Serge in Art, Malvolio in Twelfth Night, amongst several other well known roles. His commercial experience includes TV and internet ads for 24 Hour Fitness, Chiquita, AARP, iPhone, ESET, and Adify, to name a few.
He has been featured in The Onion's A.V. Club as well as MySpace Comedy along with SPF 7, his comedy troupe, that has a big following in many major cities and online. He has had lead roles in two sitcom pilots that have been pitched to Comedy Central, Coaches and Leg Drop, and he is currently cast as the lead role in the upcoming web series, Lurker.
His ability to shift from comedy to drama, classical to contemporary, scripted to improvised, and stage to screen has opened up several opportunities for Sammy so far in his career and make him a very valuable actor to have for almost any kind of project.
As a comedian, Sammy has performed live stand up comedy, improv comedy, and sketch comedy all over North America at festivals and venues such as the Chicago Improv Festival, the NBA All Star Jam Session, dccomedfest!, YouTube Live, SF Sketchfest, the Toronto International Improv Festival, Gotham Comedy Club, Improv Olympic, and the MLB All Star FanFest. He is the winner of the 2005 Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition and still holds the title of "The Funniest Person in the Bay Area." His corporate comedy clients include Virgin America, NBC/Universal, Clickatell, Vibrant Media, Table For Six, and The Princeton Review. In 2008, Sammy toured his one man show about the history of the presidency and the recent election, Hell To The Chief, all over the country to rave reviews. His biting social commentary, absurdist view of every day life, and uncanny ability to weave in and out of material and spontaneous crowd work make Sammy one of the most exciting young comedians to watch in the Bay Area.
He has directed several of SPF 7's shows as well as many other live comedy projects, including Richter Scale, a critically acclaimed political sketch revue based in San Francisco. He was a founding member and Associate Artistic Director of the Seaside Repertory Theatre in Florida where he also was the creator and Executive Producer of the Gulf Coast Comedy Festival which has sold out every show for the past 4 years.
Sammy has also taught acting, improvisation, sketch comedy, and stand up comedy at several institutions including the American College Theater Festival, University of California Berkeley, Shorter College, Old Dominion University, Georgetown University, Catholic University, and the San Francisco Comedy College.
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“AAPCHO, a 20+ year-old national health advocacy non-profit based in Oakland, California, has for many years held a number of all-staff annual retreats aimed at helping employees develop on a professional and personal level. For our “innovative retreat” this past June, we reached out to SFCC/FRISCO to improve our public speaking and presentation skills and were very pleased with our instructor Sammy Wegnet’s tailored curriculum for the session.

Our three-hour class with Sammy onsisted of a “warm-up” portion, followed by team-oriented exercises, then finally closed with a brief but impactful lesson on mindfulness as an audience member and also as a performer. Certainly, some had to reach a bit deeper and push themselves harder to loosen up and fully engage in the activities, but the majority of our staff truly embraced the exercises with vigor and openness. It’s one thing to attend a seminar on public speaking and presentation, another entirely to be faced with the discomfort and awkwardness of actually performing in front of others. It’s also a much more effective way to learn...Sammy helped us channel creativity in our words as individuals on stage, and confidence in each other as a team. Great job, SFCC!”

Executive Director
Association of Asian Pacific Community Heath Organizations