Storytelling Workshops, Corporate Comedy,and Improv Teambuilding Workshops

Corporate Storytelling Workshops

We view every person we work with as a performer, no matter his or her job title. Every time you give a presentation, you’re taking the stage on behalf of yourself, your team, and your company.  And every time you give a presentation, you have an incredible opportunity to inspire, entertain, and empower your audience with your message. The data and the deck are not enough; you have to tell a story, and not just any story but your story. Why are you giving this presentation, and how are you going to take advantage of this opportunity?

Our Storytelling Workshop will help your team find their voice, shape their story, and perfect their presentation persona through improvisation techniques and acting exercises. These tools are geared to reboot your individual presentation process. Our Storytelling Workshop will help your team stop leaning on the information and start looking for the emotional connection to the information. We will help you find the narrative framework behind every fact and figure while being yourself and not being afraid.


Workshop Breakdown – For best results, both modules work in conjunction with each other and are recommended together, however either module is effective on its own if both modules are not in your budget


Module 1: 


  • All Day Boot Camps for groups up to 50 people (7 Hours with 1 Hour Break)
    • Interactive classroom setting
    • Work in small groups
    • Light individual attention
    • Group presentations
    • At the end of the day each student will learn how inject their individual personality into each presentation no matter how dry the information


Module 2:


  • Individual/Group Coaching (coaching helps to solidify the information learned in module 1 and targets any sticking points for the individual students) 
    • Interactive trouble shooting sessions for groups up to 10 people
    • Video reviews
    • One hour individual coaching sessions
    • Students will fine tune the skills learned in module 1


Learning Goals & Takeaways


-Improve your storytelling abilities dramatically

-Be a more confident & comfortable presenter

-Showcase your personality in your presentations

-Think quicker on your feet

-Put more emotion and passion into your presentations

-Find new ways to connect to your audience

-Learn to vary your vocabulary to fit your message & audience

-Master metaphors, similes, and analogies to paint your story's picture

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